Provision of all- rounded services in Interior Design & Build Service

  • With Professional Design and Engineering Teams having over 20 years experience
  • Balanced between “Style” and “Practicality”

Turnkey service is offered for client. By having the Turnkey Service, you can have…

  • Smooth information flow & project control
  • Competitive pricing
  • Endeavor to cater every client’s need
  • Deliver quality projects and services on schedule

Pretterior expertise in interior design & build, our experienced management team, professional engineer specialists and brilliant designers dedicate hard work and deliver our first class service. We always put customers at the front priority, emphasize on building up long-term relationship. Here at Pretterior, with the resources and expertise, we are confident that we can provide you with the ultimate solution. We continuously gain credits from our broad client base for its reliability and service-oriented attitude. Categories of our customers included Commercial, Offices, Retail, Hospitality, Education and Residential… etc.


We strive to make improvement year to year. Besides design & build, Pretterior also set up a factory which responsible for office furniture procurement and professional team for relocation service. Aim at providing first class one- stop service for clients.

Our Process

01 Measure

  • To ascertain the requirement for project
  • To collect information
  • To take site measurement as required


  • Prepare design development drawings and make presentation to the client to illustrate the design concept. Normally we would draw up a minimum of 3 sketch plan options for discussion,
  • Selection of all furnishings and fixtures and equipment including decorative lighting, carpeting fabrics, decorative accessories, etc for the client’s approval.
  • Submit detail perspective drawings, space a full design of every part.


  • Prepare preliminary cost estimate for Client’s budget preference.
  • Our designer will review the project schedule and identify time schedule and deadline for ordering equipment and long lead items, such as furniture.


  • After the commencement of contracting work, our supporting staff would supervise the work on a regular basis.
  • Meeting with all related parties will be carried our regularly to ensure on time completion of the project.



Our Tips


You may receive mass of messages about how to maintain a “green life”, “low carbon environment”. Green renovation does help you.

Renovation enhances brand image, increase business opportunity, and improve quality of life. Some people may concern renovation will create wastage, but there are ways to reduce them.


4R Green Tips help you to save energy, save money

Old does not mean useless. Smart design makes the old things alive. Pretterior always encourage our client to keep using the old furniture if possible.

If you do have any furniture that no longer fits your office/ home new look, try to think about keeping it in use by donating them to charity or organization that has a greater need for it.

Lighting should occupy most of the electricity use. Make a good choice on lighting help to save the energy and money. Lots of green lighting is available in the market, by comparing, you can find one that suits your need.

Also, a good lighting plan avoids the energy wastage.

Reduce your home/office/ shop energy use and save money by purchasing energy efficient. One indicator to look for when buying the new & energy efficient appliances is the Energy label. Product with Grade 1 energy label is the most efficient in the market. By using the energy saving model, it does not only help with the environment, but also help to scale down your energy bill.

You should always remind yourself and others to create a low carbon environment – Choosing eco- friendly product to decorate your home/office/shop.