Why Us










01. Fit Out

Before build an office/ home, you need to select a site that caters your budget and needs. However, it’s also the hardest decision you have to make. We, Pretterior, help you solve the problem and provide professional opinion with site measurement, also coordinate with landlord or tenant.

From consultation to plan the finishing touched, we help you every step of the way, a tailor- made proposal will be proposed to you, which concern limitation of site, even planning in new space or existing space, we can be able to satisfy your needs and requirements.

When moving to a new office/home, tons of things need to be relocated. We offer  A well- planned systematic moving system smooth the process.

02. Construction

After ratifying on the layout, materials, timeframe and cost, renovation will be carried out according to the schedule. Our professional staff will keep a tight rein on the project. Meeting will be held with all related parties on regular basis, such as nominated contractor, network & cabling, etc. to ensure on time completion of project. Client is also invited to attend meetings with related sub- contractor to ensure the progress and workmanship is running smoothly.

Managing a mega-project requires improved project management controls to avoid mega-costs and schedule overruns. By planning and assigning the project team early, by choosing the right project delivery and contracting strategies, by putting appropriate project management controls in place, by reviewing the project by a capital projects or investment committee made up of company executives, by developing realistic project estimates and by developing project-specific policies and procedures, we can mitigate many of your project risks to promote successful project completion.

Building a new structure requires skills that turn an idea into a reality. By offering services on site analysis, selection and planning, design, construction, as well as grand opening of a new build project from day one to completion no matter how demanding it may be, we together with our team of tradesmen and subcontractors will ensure that your new build project runs smoothly according to your requirements and specifications with our best advice and guidance.

Our recladding services are designed to repair and replace any failing cladding systems on your building or house. A full exterior, quality recladding is done to ensure complete coverage and to insulate your office or home and keep you protected from the elements. We will be able to turn a shabby-looking building into a modern-looking one so your property will have much better energy and hence operating cost efficiency, as well as a higher market price.

We offer a distinctive service in all kinds of refurbishment work ranging from small and simple projects to big and complex ones. Our professionals have the right industry and management expertise and experience to deliver all structural work, stabilization of existing fabric, renovation, installations, painting and decoration according to the highest quality standards and required regulations. We will work closely with you and give you advice, and will ensure every refurbishment project stands the test of time.

Our restoration team consisting of managers, mechanics, carpenters, glaziers, steel fabricators and custom millworkers is certified, knowledgeable and experienced in project assessment, regulatory and historic review, scope prioritization and implementation with various restoration methods for all building envelope assemblies like foundations, flashings, wall assemblies and roof structures. Besides putting safety first in every project, we can skillfully address any aging building’s needs and deliver any project on time and on budget with the highest quality standards.

We assess each property to identify improvements that bring best value and resilience with custom investment advice and a market-tested approach. We have worked on numerous projects to repair, rebuild, refurbish, reconfigure, and restore value to properties. With skills in consultancy, design and project management, we factor in costs, environment, design performance, market risk, occupant well-being, and asset optimization like post occupancy evaluation or retro-commissioning to deliver results that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


03. Engineering Services

Building special-purpose facilities is way more challenging and complex than building conventional facilities because all facility components need to smoothly interact with each other and be planned as separate units. Our engineering team is highly competent to combine and turn all building engineering disciplines into a solution, to plan, construct, and make special-purpose machines, and to complete your facilities. Our services include compressed air supply, cooling and lubrication, filtering, engine test stands, and supply of gas, oxygen, etc.

Our engineering team is well trained and highly experienced in the design and completion of shell space with the specific interior partitioning, floor, ceiling, mechanical, electrical, and environmental requirements related to information technology and connectivity fit-outs including audio visual systems, telepresence and video conferencing systems, fiber optic installations, IP networking, data wiring, CCTV and security systems. We coordinate our activities to deliver our fit-out projects on time, to the right quality, safely and within budget.

04. Specialist Solutions

Well-planned office renovation for accomplishing the project in the shortest timeframe for which saves client’s costs. Document preparation and coordinate with all parties involved in the project, for example, building management office etc., ensure the project is on the right track and smooth run.

Our own furniture factory  Creatforgelocated in HUI ZHOU, which helps you to produce furniture. “Style” and “Practicality” are proposed for incorporating any particular interior designs with furnishings in expressing your unique character and image under the most impressive way. For more details, please visit: or contact us @ (852) 2575 8388.

We understand customer relationship is our most important property, we deliver long term service and corporation, provide technical support and maintenance service after the job completion.